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This is for those who don’t know what happened on Twitter yesterday amongst asian stars of the entertainment world. There is a poll at the bottom to give your opinion too, even if you don’t care:-)

Harry Pereira recently released a video called ‘British P3rvert Exposed!!!‘ in which he ranted about someone else in the entertainment industry, in response to that person’s earlier video. That person was JP the singer, also known for starring as ‘Dexter’ from the popular online comedy series ‘Diary Of A Bad Man‘. JP had released a video a few weeks earlier called ‘I’m Just Saying‘ in which he said:

“On a personal note, I hate it when other people make Youtube videos about other Youtubers on how bad their videos are when their videos are completely crap themselves. I mean, concentrate on your own videos before judging somebody elses, especially when you want to start pointing names. What’s even worse is you’ve pointed out names of people you’ve actually emailed saying “I will pay you just £300 if you just tweet our Youtube channel. Really? I’m just saying…”

This was directed at Harry. If you’ve seen Harry’s videos before, well, he explains it best himself:

“All he has is a finger…and he poked us…I carry an M16 with me at all times…not literally, I mean metaphorically…and I have just turned around after you poked me, and you’re staring right down the barrel of my motherf**king M16…”

In his rant, Harry wasn’t happy with the fact that JP had made public a business deal that was offered by the Top Boys (Harry Pereira & Vijai Krishnan) to Humza Arshad, the creator of ‘Diary Of A Badman’, to advertise/promote their venture at the time, a deal which never came to fruition because of Humza’s manager according to Harry. He went on to rant about JP’s singing career, in particular referring to JP going on tour with one song. The real sting of the rant however, was in Harry’s rant regarding JP’s alleged courting techniques:

“We happen to know alot of girls that seem to know you aswell. Why? Because you f**king chase after every single girl trying to f**k every girl on the planet…Any girl that we’ve spoken to that knows who you are will always say the same shit: “He’s such a perv, he’s such a weirdo, he keeps on trying to get with me…”

Harry’s piece de resistance in his retaliation was shocking to say the least:

“…you’re getting off with 16 year old girls on tour, that makes me feel a little bit weird…you’re 28…but when that 16 year old then turns to me and says: “Yeah I got off with him but then I allowed him because I found out that he was having phone sex with a 13 year old from Scotland…”

Since Harry’s video, all hell broke loose in the ‘Diary Of A Badman’ camp…

So there it is. What do you think?

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  1. Babar says:

    And this is why gangster Asians are a disgrace to those of us that have more time on our hands than to care about beefing with the next faggot with a shaved head about who’s more badass than the other.

    You all look, dress and sound like twats. Get real jobs and stop being such drama-queens. Harry seems to be the only one not involved in the petty Twitter war and with a solid education behind his hobby, screw the other kids

  2. Anonymous says:

    I dont get it, so kalum gets called a back stabber for not wanting to be friends with a pedo..? JP can suk my C.O.K and how can hamza still want to be friends with JP knowing that he goes after 13 year old girls? wtf man.. I thought hamza was better then that 😮

    But in all honesty this is beyond sad, all these guys are like 25+ and they beef like this. lmao..

    Get a real job you sad f.uck.ers

  3. […] same way that vlogs and comedy clips have never been featured alongside urban asian music, etc. Judge for yourselves. Anyway, let’s get onto the […]

  4. shakum says:

    all i can say is GET A JOB lol

  5. Indira says:

    i agree! the whole thing is just pointless bull.

  6. Indira says:

    Reblogged this on Mizz Indi's Blog and commented:
    So here’s what I have been doing…

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. LankanMan says:

    This is just plain retarded. I followed this from the start. TopBoysUk (Harry and Vijai) initially kiss DOBM backside, essentially beg friending him to get more views on their channel. They even release a Eminem “Stan” parody, praising Hamza. They then offer DOBM crew £300 to promote their channel. Something goes wrong. TopBoysUk disappear for a while. They come back several months later, talking about taking a new direction and some other crap – which basically amounted to swearing more than they previously did. One of their first new videos talks about DOBM, revealing that they actually hated his material and were only using him – contradicting everything they said several months earlier. JP retaliates with his video. Harry retaliates again with his after hearing some information about JP. Things kick off with the DOBM crew and here we are. Cut a long story short, no one is the winner. As far as I am concerned, ITS A TIE – they (Harry and JP) are both bellends!!!

  9. PiyaKnows says:

    So why were Humza and Asif saying Kalum stabbed them in the back? What did he actually do wrong when JP seems like the one who should be guilty of something!

  10. D Singh says:

    who cares..
    this is a stupid twitter / youtube war
    get on with your lives and do what your supposed to be doing
    singing / videos / dj’in / producing / designing and etc.

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