The Brown Scene Responds To Harry Pereira [Poll Inside] (Again;-)

This article is written in response to Hari Pereira’s latest vlog entitled ‘Brown Aunties Scam Website!!!’. If you’re wondering which site it’s about then look no further. Since then, Hari has described it as a ‘metaphorical poke’, so it would only be polite to return the gesture. There was the idea of putting a disclaimer on this article AFTER you’ve read it, to claim that this article is purely fictional, but that’s Hari’s style. The only disclaimer is that this article is written purely for entertainment, nothing more. The Brown Scene has nothing against Hari or anyone else mentioned in this article whatsoever.

In the same traditions as before, there will be a poll at the bottom, again, even if you don’t care. Anyway, let’s get on with it. The origins of the article lie in this conversation:

For those of you who are familiar with the site, you’ll know that it is predominantly a video site. Amongst the 900+ posts on this site to date(in less than 2 months at that), all the written ones can be found here. As you can see, written articles equate to about 0.5% of the content on here, so it’s obviously not a ‘tabloid‘. Besides, the only other articles on here cannot be found anywhere else. Did any other website write up The Asian Beats Chart? Or list Nihal’s Burban Top 10? This is not journalism in the same way as Hari is no philosopher. It’s just a blog trying to be unique. Is there another website that features vlogs and comedy clips alongside urban asian music, worldwide at that? Judge for yourselves. Anyway, let’s get onto the rant:

“So last week I released a video which caused a bit of a stir…the day after…that video had apparently caused arguments within a certain group of people, and I found it f***ing hilarious..but then something happened that pissed me off…someone wrote an article…on what had occured, and the supposed beef, hyping it all up, and the thing that pissed me off was that my name was included in it when realistically I actually had nothing to do with it…”

He might not have had anything to do with whatever happened amongst the DOABM crew, but he certainly brought it into the public domain.

“…no I wasn’t(at the centre of it) and here’s the reason why…this is a prime example of brown people making something out of f***ing nothing…”

And this trait is only exclusive to brown people? Besides, is this about The Brown Scene or himself?

“…and creating drama and chatting shit…”

Sound like any vloggers you know?

“…and bringing people into stuff that they’re not even involved in…”

Hari was involved in whatever attempted business deal he tried to make with the DOABM crew. It’s unlikely he was involved in whatever alleged situation JP was in, yet that was what most of his rant was about. That’s not if he was in contact with other people involved.i.e. the girls in question. As for bringing people into stuff that they’re not even involved in, you may suspect some hypocrisy as you read on further down.

“…because that’s what brown people love to do…”

Isn’t he trying to move away from the ‘brown’ thing?

“…but the way that this particular writer saw it and described it in their article was completely f***ed up…”

Was it really written THAT badly? Was it really THAT inaccurate? It was meant to be as impartial AS POSSIBLE.

“…so here’s how it goes, a few weeks ago someone made a video directed at me, a few weeks ago I made a video, it may or may not have been directed at him…”

So the best approach to appeal to an older audience is to start by insulting their intelligence?

“…the article was written in a way as such that it equated me being on the same side as Juvenile C(Kalum)…how the f**k does that make any sense?…I have never spoken to Juvenile C in my life…how are we now on the same team?”

The poll was just to gauge public opinion. Hari’s a popular guy. So are all the others that were involved. Each name couldn’t be listed individually as it wouldn’t make sense in relation to the article. This is also why the poll question was ‘Whose side are you on?’ as opposed to ‘Who do you believe?’ or any other confusing question.

“…this is just crap journalism, this is typical Asian shit…”

Once again, this is exclusive to only Asian people?

“…you just pull stuff out of thin air…”

If that was the case, then The Brown Scene would have something in common with Hari. He then improvises a few seconds of ‘Shit Sri Lankan Mothers Say‘. Moving on:

“…the funniest thing was that there was a poll at the end of the article asking people ‘Whose side are you on in this argument?’ There is no f***ing argument!”

You are referred above to the first quote from the rant. You are also referred to the poll itself. Please try to find the word ‘argument’. And no, it hasn’t been changed.

“…how the f**k can you be on both peoples sides…?”

Tupac & Biggie didn’t get along. Rihanna and Ciara once had a spat. Rick Ross and 50 Cent aren’t exactly the best of friends. You get the drift.

“…this whole shit has been constructed by this brown aunty of a website with their crap journalism, and their crap article…f**king stupid poll…how have I been brought into this?…”

Would anyone else like to answer that question?

“…people just don’t have anything better to do than create a situation out of nothing…”

If that’s his opinion then Hari has more in common with the website than he thinks.

“…making me look like a bigger twat than I already am…”

This is a quote from Hari, not The Brown Scene.

“…I’m not on Twitter going ‘Ooooooaaah, I don’t wanna be your friend anymore…he’s not my friend…”

Course you don’t Hari:

“…so to that article and that website I say ‘F**k you, f**k off, I know you’ve got a bunch of my videos on your site, take that shit off now, I don’t want to have anything to do with you…”

If you want more views and more subscribers, the best thing to do would be to have it removed from sites that promote it. Because of course, your videos are embedded on loads of other sites. Great PR. While you’re at it, google your name and see what comes up:-)

“…I know Sid’s already had a little poke at you…”

He’s referring to another popular vlogger that’s been featured on this site. Here’s what Sid had to say at the time:

As for the poll:

With regards to trash journalism:

This is not what Hari is referring to obviously. Hari’s talking about Day 520 of Sid’s series. Remember what Hari said about people being brought into things they’re not involved in? The ‘poke’ that Sid took was:

“To an extent I hate being on there(this website) because…it’s just, it’s not me…I don’t like being associated with…brown kinda culture…I am brown…my skin tone is so sexy…but the connotations of the (brown) culture, religions…the fact that I’m just seen as some kind of f**king maverick rebel thing, which really at the end of the day…I’m just a free thinking motherf**ker…”

To say that Sid’s comments were ‘ever so slightly’ different to Hari’s portrayal of them would be an understatement to say the least. And just to clarify, any comments written by The Brown Scene on Sid’s Day 520 were purely humorous, a tongue-in-check response to his declared love of ‘beef’. Even age groups that Hari is trying to move away from can see that. If you noticed the other playful jabs then well spotted. Sid’s opinion of himself portrayed on the site is not entirely accurate. He was featured on the site BECAUSE he doesn’t conform to Asian stereotypes. That’s what the majority of the content is – Asian people excelling at things which aren’t traditionally asian, or traditional at all. There are no other comments on any of Sid’s videos to imply that typecasting of any sort was in play. Sometimes the irony in being someone individual and unique is that everyone else is trying to do the same thing too. Sid was featured for the very simple reason that he is a popular vlogger and his vlogs were interesting to watch.

Some may say that this article has been written to curry favour with Sid due to his request for more articles(excuse the indirect reference to ‘brown’ culture), but equally he could do a video denouncing it even further. Some may even call this blog suicide considering Sid’s influence in the both the vlogosphere and twittersphere. Regardless of this, Sid’s comments were taken as nothing more than feedback, he even posted a link to the website in the description, unlike Hari:-( Hari may be in a league of 4-figure subscribers and 4-figure followers, but The Brown Scene is in a league of gentlemen(groan away;-). So here’s the link to his rant:

This article will be posted without begging for retweets, because that’s not The Brown Scene’s style. This article may well provoke another attack from the much more famous vlogger. This site to his fans could be like an independent farmer going against Monsanto, or desert guerillas being attacked by predator drones. But surely if you can give it, you can take it too, right? Sportmanship. And that’s what this is about, for The Brown Scene anyway. Are the same criticisms you may have against The Brown Scene applicable to Hari too? Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Hari once said:

“I carry an M16 with me…metaphorically.”

The Brown Scene says that the pen is mightier than the sword. Metaphorically of course.

They also say that sometimes the book is better than the movie.

I’m just saying…

Sooo, if you’ve made it this far, then congratulations! It can’t have been that boring to read. Was it biased? Was it inaccurate? Was it pointless? In the words of Big Brother, ‘You decide.’ A vote is never cast by the site in the polls, but if it did, it would choose ‘Both’.
Prediction: Whitewash for Team Pereira. Mathematically of course.

PS. The spelling mistake is a gift to Harry, amongst the others;-)

PPS. For those thinking that there’s more of this to come, just to let you know this article would never have been written if Harry had just hollered. An article won’t appear every time someone hates on The Brown Scene. What’s that well known saying? ‘I’m a lover, not a writer’, or something like that;-) Besides, the site’s small fry(for now;-). That being said, it’s all just fun. In Harry’s very own words, ‘No Hard Feelings‘.

9 thoughts on “The Brown Scene Responds To Harry Pereira [Poll Inside] (Again;-)”

  1. Ramço – If you find someone shouting and swearing hilarious then fair enough. What I said is no different to what Harry said about JP. Yeah, JP said a sly comment about Harry but lets not forget it was Harry’s childish digs at JP’s friend Hamza that started all of this. Lets not forget that it was Harry who desperately offered £300 to Hamza for promotion and desperately “whored” himself out to DOBM fans and then when things did not go to plan, he started slagging them off. JP just called him up on his bullshit. In the same way, so have we and you entitled to defend him. I’m not a fan of JP, I think his videos are shit.

    Me referring to Harrys teenage fans as idiots is no different to the comments Harry says about DOBM fans, who are also teenagers – what makes them less worthy then you guys? If they can be taken the piss out of then surely you guys are fair game as well. Technically, you guys are fans of someone whose entire act is shouting, swearing and badmouthing people. Yes, Hamza says a lot of “tutti” jokes but still the man has more creativity in one of his videos then Harry has in his whole collection. Shit, Harry’s best vidoe “Sri Lankan Names” one was just ripped off MalumTV. So my point is, if the fans of Hamza are idiots then you guys are the same (if not worse) since you support someone who ripps off other peoples ideas and also relies more on swearing then actual funny material. Yes “Cock” hahahahah, very funny!! sheesh :S

    The sad thing is was that I was actually a fan of him (Harry) when he first came out, when he made vids like “BNP Asian” and “Gay guy on park bench”. However, sadly some where along the line it got messed up and he believed that slagging people off, shouting and swearing will get him far.

    I’m just saying

  2. Harry Pereira is full of sh*t – the man is a beg friend that constantly contradicts himself. You can never call him up on his bullsh*t since he immediately deletes comments that show him to be the twat he was. I’m not even a fan of DOBM but Harry Pereira is a bellend, plain and simple. The same goes for his “Manager”, the lurch look-alike mo-fo called Vijai. They will disappear within a year, I am almost certain. His “material” is mostly swearing and shouting and that might entertain teenagers and morons, it wont take him very far. Just ignore him in future. Your giving him more publicity then his talent actually deserves.

    1. I agree 100%. He will be gone within a year or two. Someone who still lives with his parents and has no job, at his age, should not be ranting or slagging off anyone. His also not as clever as he thinks with his demented attempts to cover up that he was not talking about JP, however can you blame him for trying? Most of his fans are teenage idiots who will swallow anything. He hates the “brown scene” but most of his material are about brown people and the “shit they say” – ironic eh? Oh yes, did you know he went to LSE? I would like to add, he studied philosophy which explains why his still living at home in the same bedroom he has been wanking in for the last 12 years.

      1. @Shiv and LankanMan. Hmm ok then, taking the piss out of harry’s private life, commenting on the fact he has no job, commenting on what you think he should or should not be doing with his life and time and the fact he still lives at home. A. none of your business B. Again none of your business C. considering he does what he wants and it’s his own life why the fuck should you get involved? D. oh and again none of your fucking business. This is the most pathetic piece of shit comment ever! For one you are basically saying things that label a lot of people across the world in this economy, and the other shit you are saying can label every fucking person at least once in their life. At least Harry is his own person and he isn’t following what everyone else is saying (not directing that last statement to just you but everyone who is saying shit about one or another because they are influenced by someone else) i don’t have any fucking clue about all this, but where you [Shiv and LankanMan] have gone into personal shit then you are being as pathetic that you are making Harry out to be.
        Yours sincerely
        One of the “teenage idiots who will swallow anything”
        P.s yea i enjoy Harry’s videos but i am most certainly not an idiot, i have my own opinion and i find him hilarious, but it doesn’t make me an idiot.

    2. @LankanMan and Shiv LOOOOOOOOOOOL your rant is more epic then Harry! xD u should do a vid and own that fool. Dont get what is their problem since they offered badman 300 pounds to promote them, they said no and instead of taking it like a man harry started badmouthing him on youtube. JP was only defending his friend. also find it funny how he makes fun of badmans fans calling them idiots when only 6 months ago he was begging badman and his fans to like his facebook page lol

  3. oh this is payback time. Get over yourself; harry gave you free publicity be grateful to him.
    It’s been said “The pen is mightier than the sword.” That may be true, but the sword also has a sharp cutting edge. Most skilled journalists have learned this the hard way unfortunately you aint journalist neither a good blogger.
    One does not simply walk in harry’s rant :mordor:
    brownscene Y u no write abt curries

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