Featuring Zsian & Harun.

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  1. Taz says:

    Sonia you had two kids who dont know there dad! And you got pissed every nite and run off with guys and leave your kids with Zsian you slag when i came to see you u u told me Zsian was cheating on me then you wanted a blackberry you cheap whore ive done well in gambling and now loaded so am fine now!! So hate somewere else

  2. Taz says:

    And sonia you sad girl!!!you will never be like Zsian

  3. Taz says:

    Am Zsain ex i know very well she is amazing caring the best time off my life until we fell out I had a bad gambling habit and am disabled she looked after me and made me feel great! all you haters out dont no her so dont judge her look at yourself first before others! harun is a lucky man and should be proud having an true angel!!know get on with your own lifes

    • Sonya says:

      Tazzzzzz, its me sonya…. little sonya – we fell out because you started dating zsian. When I met zsian she was okay to laugh with. I felt the tension when she started chilling with us…. and then got close to you. However, you were a really good friend and I just wanted you to be happy. Anyway i been trying to get in contact with you for ages. Even asked saj and deamon. I hope u will read ur email.

  4. Maz says:

    I felt sorry for her cuz she looked propa heartbroken. But for a 19 yr old, she should move on from these losers and focus on her future and son. She said it was over but took him back. It’s dissapointing. Young girls need role models! I would get rid and forget it. You don’t know wot u got till its gone. There dumb Fuks!!

  5. Sonia says:

    You didnt see the looser zsian was dating before and during time she was with harun. The guy was an OLD MAN by name of taz or something like that. He was just awful. Zsian said that he just gambled all day and was porn and drug addict. She certainly knows how to choose men. I saw her with the old man on a few occasions. I didnt understand what his game was. She told me she couldnt stand him but had no where to go. I found old man dodgy. A man that age with no kids or wife and hanging with teenage girl. Each time i saw her fella,felt sick

  6. Neena kasim says:

    I know zsian and she has cheated on this harun. It’s shocking that he didn’t make her take lie detector. Test. Ijeremy would have been surprised. this girlis a homeless girl and sleeps with people for shelter. before harun she had slept with the a married man. she has trapped this harun just for shelter.Make her do test and you will see she had cheated on him with a guy from Manchester. this girl goes round giving sob stories to guys in order to trap. Them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    u can always do bad with someone never by yourself.

  8. bengali oldhamer. says:

    Lol. They both deserve each other. Nice teeth…both of them.
    At 10:00 ish, she swears on her kids life it’s over and Jeremy admires her bravery, even saying she’s the finest he’s met for being able to take such extreme action!
    Later it states she’s taken him back. Lol.

  9. Abdul Rahman says:

    I do not know who to feel sorry for….actualy. I feel for the 7 month old baby for having these two idiots as parents.

  10. Bob says:

    Um, she had hard proof that he was cheating on her in their own flat TWO MONTHS BEFORE she got pregnant. The cheating is NOT her fault. But as a woman with a brain she had the option and right and duty to kick this cheater out of her life. She chose another path. Staying with him with NO counseling and believing whatever stories came from him AND then getting pregnant after all of this is HER fault. My only sympathies are towards all of the children (there will be more than one, trust me) that this disfunctional couple will bring into this world.

  11. Kate says:

    Jeremy Kyle thought he had this girl all figured out. But looks like she is a pushover like most of the young hopeless girls that come on the show!

  12. Ali G says:

    Hi salma the fish where are u from? 😉

  13. salma the fish says:

    Such a DISGRACE to the human RACE! Tauba! Baysharam.

  14. Anon says:

    Honestly some of the people that come in this show. Pathetic. Don’t know the meaning of marriage, relationships and RESPECT. just want their 5mins of fame.

  15. Ali G says:

    I know who Harun is. I would like this moment to say you my friend are a disgrace to Bengalis it’s because of people like u the world is a shambles.

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