View full post to read the English translation of M.S.G’s parts.

Intro: “No humanity, no respect, just money, everything for them.”

Main: “Torturing people and taking bribe’s, this is governments work, I’m tired of seeing this, when will government change, if you are rich you have no humanity, you keep torturing us and will get tortured but we wont give up the way of truth, we want to live the path of wisdom. People who dont respect us, we ignore them and keep walking ahead.
There are people who dont think about other’s, and you will also find people who are selfish by whose permission you kept our brothers in prison, those are the people who saved thousands of others.
People who killed thousands of innocent brothers and sisters you ain’t catching them their names are Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar.
But you’re always busy torturing poor people, this is what’s happening and this will continue to happened if we don’t change it, but i will not take a step back, i will always keep repeating long live Bai BALWANT SINGH RAJAONA, LONG LIVE JAGTAR SINGH HAWARA, we never hurt anyone, please have mercy and free our brothers from prison, but this government only knows how to fill their pockets.”

Outro: “Sorry to all the mothers, brothers and sisters i couldn’t be there to wipe your tears, sorry i couldn’t be there during your bad times, sorry for everything. The Government never did justice. Hopefully after listening to this track they will feel ashamed about what they did and what they continue to do. Once again sorry to my people. Lets come together and hopefully we will change the system.”

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