Dhol Beat International. “Ni Udaleh” aka “Fly with me” was inspired by a heavy schedule of gigs and partying all over the nation resulting in an overwhelming amount of traveling by air. In many cases DBI would stay up rocking parties until the sun came up, and then head straight to the airport to catch an early morning flight, in which many cases were missed! In the summer of 2011 on a flight back home to Texas, Amar Sandhu was inspired to write a song of his experiences flying on a plane, and metaphorically flying through life performing as an artist who wants to invite one special person to join him on this journey. The journey begins as they face various obstacles including having to hitch hike their way to the airport picked up by none other than YouTube celebrity Jus Reign, who plays a quirky and high strung individual who also leaves us with a surprise at the end of the video.” VIP Records.

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