Superstars is the brand new single from RKZ, produced by Gifted The Great. Featuring the vocal talents of Sian Sanderson, Superstars is the latest release from RKZ’ new mixtape, Words of Adrenaline. The mellow Hip-Hop record aims to break the shackles of reservation. As human beings, we often stick to routine because it is safe. We only speak out against wrong doing when something goes a step too far. Staying enclosed, confined, reserved, limits your mind to a world of change. A world that is there for the taking, provided barriers are broken. Provided ego is broken. Provided we cease possibility. The music video was directed by RKZ, and features UK Mental Health charity, CALM. The Campaign Against Living Miserably tackle depression and suicide in young men of the UK. Suicide is the single biggest killer of men aged between 15-35 in the UK (more than knife crime and road accidents combined). RKZ became an ambassador for CALM in February 2012.


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