The track’s by Baauer. It’s gone viral. Everyone’s doing a video for it. Even all the brown stars. Here are some we came across, with a freestyle and even a diss track at the end(if you make it that far;). Vote for your favourite at the bottom. 🙂

Mawaan – Mum Edition

PMG – Gym Edition

Desi Comedy – Desi Edition

Jehan – Lankan Short Eats Edition

Yasser Ranjha – BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra & Asian Network Edition

JP – Super Singhs Edition

Had enough yet? No? Okay…

Maryam The Beast – Bathroom Edition

Yasser Ranjha – Bollywood Edition

Dhoom Bros – Bollywood Edition

Nosheen – Aunty Edition

Scorpion King TV – Bedroom Edition

Still want more? If you insist…

JalalAmazing – Brown Boys Edition

SteezWizard – Indian Edition

Tearz – Kitchen Edition

Humza Arshad – Badman Edition

Laraib – Valentine’s Day v2.14 Edition

Surely that’s the end of it…

Bengali Memes – Desi Edition

Navdeep Bual – Tube Edition

RwnlPwnl – McDonald’s Drive-Thru Edition

Abstrakt Sounds – Abstrakt Edition

3BM TV – Freshie/Bollywood Edition

Mad Tatter Films – Worst Ever Edition

That’s all folks! Wait…

Jus Reign – Bhangra Remix Edition

Superwoman – Indian Wedding Edition

Right, that’s it. On the music side of things, not everyone has been impressed with the craze, like DJ Living In Sin, who has even released a diss track for it:

And who was the first to jump on it? KK, back in August 2012.

So, if you’ve made it this far, which one was your favourite?

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