Imran Khan Vs Roach Killa – A Tale Of Too Many Retweets [Poll Inside]

On 9 May 2013 Imran Khan released his first single since his album ‘Unforgettable’ which was released on 27 July 2009. The single proved very popular, but also sparked a massive online debate on Twitter, comparing him to Roach Killa. Here’s how the story unfolded…

Imran Khan Vs Roach Killa - Who, What, Why, Where, When & How

Satisfya is Imran Khan’s first release off his upcoming sophomore album, which will be released on his own label, IK Records. The track was produced by Eren E:

Following its release, Roach Killa retweeted the following tweets:

Sama Blake’s ‘Sniper’ was released on Flawless Records and was also produced by Eren E:

It should be noted that Roach Killa likes to retweet, both positive and negative tweets about him, long before ‘Satisfya’ was released, something his followers will attest to. With just under 14,000 of them, Roach’s retweets would be seen by alot of people. Hundred of tweets, possibly thousands, then followed over the next few days, with Roach Killa trigger happy on the retweet button. Here’s some of the more interesting, opinionated tweets, aside from the expected cries for collaboration and resolution:

Good point. Roach Killa didn’t actually say anything about Imran Khan. Some people may argue that a retweet denotes agreement, but this is not always the case. Back to the retweets:

WTF?!? Roach did eventually take a tiny break from retweeting to actually tweet something himself:

And then the retweets kept coming:

Someone even beat us to writing about it:

This was referring to a recent interview Imran Khan had on Dubai One’s ‘That’s Entertainment’ programme:

In the interview, Imran said “I’m not coming with something new…I’m giving other artists a chance…it’s not nice if I take everything…”. When asked about what he thought of Yo Yo Honey Singh’s claims to be able to pack out a larger concert than him, Imran said “I don’t even know who Honey Singh is…who is that?”

He explained that during his break he has been writing songs and travelling the world. He went on to say “After 3 years of the ‘Unforgettable’ album, no-one came in the scene…I’m waiting for a challenge…but there’s nothing out there.” He closed the interview with “I’m the king of the urban punjabi scene.” Please note that aside from his comments in the interview, Imran was casually stroking a cheetah throughout. Now THAT’S cool:-) You can watch the full interview here. Roach Killa did decide to tweet again:

Now this is where it gets interesting. DJ Kamran, “Producer/DJ/Entrepreneur & One half of the Durrani Bros” who represents Imran Khan in the USA and Canada chimed in on the situation:

Roach was quick to respond:

Quite right. We’ll end it there too. The retweets did continue. Did Imran Khan have anything to say on the matter? He did retweet one of the tweets above. Can you guess which one?(Clue – 35:8) So, what do you think? Here’s a poll for no reason whatsoever. 🙂

One thought on “Imran Khan Vs Roach Killa – A Tale Of Too Many Retweets [Poll Inside]”

  1. Guys go and check on you tube Imran Khan Viewers are highest in 2009 – 2013 .. more than #YoYohoneysing #Roachkilla #samablake every one .. #IK is the best …its time to show some respect to imran khan …. True 😉

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